Council Takeaway Update III: Taking No Chances For Cricket


Good to see the council taking no chances this time with the car exclusion zone aorund Eden Park for tomorrow’s cricket.

For last weekend’s match, Auckland City had plastered Sandringham Rd with warning signs, days in advance, after this site had complained about parked cars being towed away where there were no signs -and patrons at a nearby cafe called Okra coming out to find their takeaway coffee had cost them $114 and a taxi fare to get to where their car had been towed in the city.

Then last Sunday afternoon, the traffic management sign people were back.

Before the event was even over, they were  busy plastering over the signs with a sticker announcing the next date was Thursday for the cricket, giving just over four days warning.

And one sign was where Okra cafe people would trip over it, so there was no excuse this time.

I had to smile.


Part II Last weekend

Part I Cafe patrons find their car gone



  1. Nick R says:

    I used to live in this affected area, just opposite the cafe Okra where everyone was getting towed.
    In the end I moved because of the general disruption caused by Eden Park. Any event there involves all cars being towed of streets, roads closed and the local residential area being swamped with drunkards. Bus services get disrupted and the train station becomes a nightmare.

    It is simply ridiculous that they would do anything except remove a stadium in this location, let alone waste three hundred million making it bigger!

  2. bob says:

    Good to hear they stepped up signage - it was good where I parked on the west side of Eden Park for the 2nd ODI. I didn’t take the train because of the delays transferring between South and West trains at Newmarket, and possibility of delays. Reliability is a killer issue…

    The signs folks do like their stickers don’t they? I actually took a photo of the one event restriction sign where I parked, as it had a sticker covering the ‘no parking’ restriction from the direction I parked in. I didn’t know if a practical joker had chucked the bits of tape over the sign, and I might get towed anyway, so snapped a pic as evidence.Thankfully not towed.

    Good cricket too. Wondered how Kingsland would handle RWC crowds - the 13,000 for the cricket swamped it a bit, it seemed.


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