How To Treat Disabled On Public Transport


While some Auckland mums and disabled grumble about the treatment on Auckland trains, Hamilton local bodies are doing good.

CCS Disability Action and Environment Waikato, with help from Hamilton City Council have held an info day to help disabled people understand how easy it is to use Hamilton buses.

About 25 disabled people in wheelchairs attended the event in Caro St which involved an Orbiter bus from Pavlovich Coachlines and one of the latest Go Bus urban buses.

They were all able to get on and off the buses using the facilities for the disabled, and with the assistance of drivers and caregivers. They also got tips on how to ride on buses comfortably and safely – like always ensuring your wheelchair’s handbrake is on.

Information was also available on BusIt stored value cards, how to read timetables and which bus services in the wider region – such as Raglan, Huntly and Paeroa services – were wheelchair-friendly.

Over to you Veoila – when’s your info day?


Mums and disabled battle on trains




  1. Lindis says:

    Sounds like a great idea! It’s still a shame people in wheelchairs need a “driver or caregiver” to help them get on and off the bus though. It will be even better when the wheelie-folks can get on and off as easily as the walkie-folks without having to ask anyone for help.

    Meanwhile - get with the 21st century, Veolia!

  2. Chris says:

    I quite like the buses in hamilton In general the drivers are helpfull and friendly. One moment I allways remember Is when an elderly women came to hope on the orbitor bus, the bus driver informed her she needed to catch the anti-clockwise one which was on the other side of a busy road. The bus driver got out of the bus and helped her cross.


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