Improvements For Panmure


Nearby Ellerslie's smart rail entranceway

Transport issues around Panmure, including bus lanes, have been given a kick start.

Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga, MP for Maungakiekie says approved is a $15m design contract, as part of a planned package of transport projects in the eastern suburbs.

Planned is a new four-lane road, replacing the five-way Panmure roundabout with a traffic light controlled intersection and extra ground level space for the Panmure railway station.

Designs for a road with bus lanes from south of the Ellerlsie-Panmure Highway to Morrin Rd adjoining the new Stonefields suburb are currently being considered.

A further extension north to Merton Rd will be planned at a later date. Improvements include bus lanes and lanes, attached to the bridge, for both cyclists and pedestrians.

The MP for Maungakiekie, says the contract, will enable $200 million of projects in and around Panmure to be sped up.



  1. rtc says:


  2. max says:

    “Improvements include bus lanes and lanes, attached to the bridge, for both cyclists and pedestrians.”

    Uhhhh, what bridge? There is no bridge between Merton Road and the Ellerslie Panmure Highway to start with???

  3. Jon C says:

    @Max Its a very odd announcement by the MP. I held back initially but am hoping someone will enlighten me. I presume (or hope) as the local Mp he does know the area. But then again..

  4. curtissd says:

    I would like to see a loop bus around the eastern suburbs with right of way at traffic lights and using priority bus lanes connecting to the Panmure Station. The traffic congestion out east is out of control.

  5. Jimmy says:

    I’ve noticed recently that the Panmure station park and ride is, quite literally, overflowing these days. There’s cars now parking on the grass next to the park and ride.

  6. bob says:

    Sadly Jon, this is Peso Sam at his worst.

    rtc is correct, this is PT-wash. What Sam is mangling with his spin is actually the old Eastern motorway reborn as an arterial road network called AMETI.

    After the Eastern motorway was defeated, the planners rehashed the motorway into a series of road upgrades from East Tamaki to Panmure to Glen Innes, where the route conveniently stops at the rail station, ready for traffic congestion to bring calls for the road to be extended via Orakei Basin, at which point, you’ve just built…. the Eastern arterial-motorway.

    Salami tactics - build the arterial roads, one slice at a time, until you have the whole salami/arterial road built without the public realising.

    Check out the AMETI plans - they were very big on pushing footpaths, cycle lanes, and bus lanes, in the hope people wouldn’t notice that most of the land and money was going to widen the roads!

  7. ingolfson says:

    I have seen the plans for the Panmure Highway To Rakau Drive flyover. A (six-plus lane) motorway that dare not speak it’s name, indeed.

  8. ingolfson says:

    Ti Rakau, obviously.

  9. Jon C says:

    Auckland City council tonight considers this resolution related to this, which mentions the “Panmure station”:

    That in order to deliver the Panmure phase of the AMETI Project, designed to support strategic change in transport use and economic and residential growth, the Transport Committee recommends to Council:
    That Council approve the following with respect to contract number
    (i) The contract services, be awarded to Opus International Consultants
    Ltd for the negotiated contract sum of $9,387,261, plus Provisional
    Items valued at $5,932,421, for a total contract sum of $15,319,682;
    (ii) Provisional Items totalling $5,932,421 included above, will not be committed to at the time of contract award and will only be
    commissioned on confirmation of NZTA and Council funding;
    (iii) That in addition to the total contract of $15,319,682:
    a. an allowance of $350,000 be approved for cost escalations
    after the initial twelve months in roportion to indices published by Statistics New Zealand;
    (iv) That in addition to the total contract of $15,319,682:
    b. an allowance of $445,212 be approved for additional design services that will be confirmed after concept designs for the
    Panmure Station and associated ventilation requirements are finalised.
    B. That the above resolutions and the report be referred to the Tamaki and Eastern Bays Community Boards for their information.

  10. ow says:

    in place of swearing: boooooooooooooo to this project. It was such PR nonsense that they said they would come and listen to the people who lived in the area. This option was one of the least popular ones.


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