Christchurch’s “New Dangerous Weekend Phenomenon” Worries Cops


Christchurch, well known haunt of boy racing has what local police call a new road “weekend phenomenon” -  motor cyclists treating public highways as a race track.

Two motorcyclists are walking this week, after having their drivers’ licenses suspended for 28 days by Police, for extreme speed on State Highway 7 over the weekend.

One had been caught riding at 149 km/h near Culverden and the other, in an unrelated incident, was caught at 147 km/h near Hurunui.  Both also received an instant fine of $630.  In a third unrelated incident, a motor cyclist’s speed was checked at more than 150 km/h on the same stretch of road, while carrying a pillion passenger.

Police were unable to stop the motor ycle, and due to the danger posed to other road users by this person’s driving, they did not engage in pursuit. ”

Come off a motorbike at these speeds on a public road, and there’s not much debate. You’re dead” says Senior Sergeant Hyland.  ”If you don’t care about yourself, at least think about the carnage and devastation you’ll leave behind in other people’s lives”, says Hyland.  ”If you want to travel at these types of speeds, do it on a closed race circuit”.





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