New Plymouth’s Turn For Roading Boost


It’s New Plymouth’s turn for a bit of NZTA love and care.

NZTA has approved funding to complete the investigation of the SH3 Vickers to City project, which will reduce congestion and improve safety between Bell Block and New Plymouth City.

The agency’s central director Jenny Chetwynd says the funding approval will enable the NZTA to complete designations that will protect the project’s footprint from future development in the area.

He calls it an important step towards completing a project that will ultimately provide congestion relief for motorists travelling between Bell Block and across Waiwhakaiho Bridge to and from the city centre.

This will not only address delays at the bridge but will also provide greater capacity and improve safety over the entire three kilometre journey between Vickers Road and the city centre.

Work on the investigations starts in the next two to three months once a preferred tenderer is selected.




  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    What scope of work are they looking at..? At what cost..?

  2. Linz says:

    Even in good ol’ New Plymouth the road transport lobby are onto it … this from the local roads man:

    ‘… he [Road Transport Association western branch spokesman Tom Cloke] expected the investigation would result in short-term remedies such as the removal of bicycle lanes from the Waiwhakaiho Bridge, allowing it to become a four lane bridge. “It’ll be piecemeal improvements so we can have a better situation than what we have there now.” ‘


  3. Richard says:

    Remove the cycle lanes to make the road four lanes……!! Thats hardly an improvement we are trying to get people out of cars. “Lets make access for cars better doesn’t matter if we kill a few cyclists in the process” What an attitude, that’s real 1960′s thinking.

    If there are cyclists they will ride in lane one and upset traffic flow more and then it will be the cyclists fault! I thought with the foreshore cycle path NP was more cycle friendly than that.


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