SH18 Hobsonville Motorway Update


More traffic changes are coming as part of the ongoing SH18 Hobsonville motorway project and a stronger road layer has been found to be needed.

On Monday, traffic will be switched onto the new road layout on Brigham Creek Road but the one-way operation will continue.

Instead of going straight on the existing road, three new roundabouts will be in place. Pedestrians and cyclists will then be able to use the new footpath in both directions.

Brigham roundabout | NZTA

From Sunday April 11, motorists will be able to travel on Brigham Creek Road in both directions on the new road layout and the one-way operation will be lifted. The intersection of Brigham Creek Road and Kauri Road will operate as a ‘stop/go’ and a traffic attendant will be in place. The traffic attendant will be directing traffic in this area until Friday 30 April.

The changes are part of NZTA’s ongoing work which started in February on the new Brigham Creek Interchange with SH18.

The section of Brigham Creek Road between Kauri Road and Hobsonville Road has been operating as a one-way road during this time, for motorists heading from Hobsonville Road to Kumeu.

The work has been extended to April as a much stronger layer had to be added to the road surface during the reconstruction of Brigham Creek Road. This was not known until the work was underway and the full ground conditions understood.

A final layer will also be laid on top of the road to complete the surface.

When fully complete, the Brigham Creek Interchange will provide access on and off the motorway in all directions and will form the connection between Kumeu and the North Shore via Brigham Creek Road.

The NZTA advises motorists to drive slowly as they adjust to the new roundabouts which are one after the other. The area is still a construction zone so motorists should also watch out for trucks using the road.




  1. max says:

    Kumeu and the North Shore?

    I thought that was what the Westgate interchange was for?

  2. Jeremy Harris says:

    This site is becoming Auckland Motorways ( ) so slowly I almost didn’t notice..! ;)

  3. Jon C says:

    @jeremy You have discovered my secret plan - to force all you silly train users back on to the motorways! LOL

  4. Jeremy Harris says:


  5. max says:

    Actually, Jon - I like your idea. The motorway corridors are almost perfect for new railway lines.

    We could lay triplicate tracks to Westgate, to the airport and to Takanini next week, and even have some space left over for those people who prefer to keep driving their outmoded fossil fuel stinkers ;-)

  6. Wayne Knight says:

    Great to see the enormous progress being made on the SH18 Hobsonville Motorway. Its going to make access from the city to “Whenuapai International Airport” so much easier!!!


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