Basin Reserve Changes Await Govt Decision


NZTA has outlined the process of how proposed changes around Wellington’s Basin Reserve will proceed.

It says the government will firstly be deciding on plans for upgrading the Buckle Street Memorial Park.

Then there will be public consultation on options for the planned transport changes around the Basin Reserve.

NZTA Wellington regional director, Deborah Hume ,says the need to integrate the Basin Reserve improvements with the Buckle Street upgrade means it would be “premature “to finalise options for consultation before plans for the memorial park are confirmed.

“Public input will be an important factor in the NZTA Board’s decision-making process on the transport improvements around the Basin, and we need to ensure that those making submissions have as much information as possible.”

The planned changes are part of the Wellington Northern Corridor Road of National Significance.

A partnership between NZTA, the Greater Wellington Regional Council, Wellington City Council and the Ministry for Culture and Heritage are involved.




  1. anthony says:

    why cant they do a part tunnel part on ground? like victoria park without the bridge?

  2. Jeremy Harris says:

    The flyover is a disaster, join the campaign to stop ot Wellingtonians..!
    The Basin isn’t used for anything critical these days so can be closed for a while a cut and cover tunnel, while expensive is a good option…

  3. Brent C says:

    Its great to see the Ministry for Culture and Heritage involved. But certainly a flyover cannot happen. It would be a total eyesore in the surround urban area, especially to cricket fans watching from India and Pakistan

  4. Luke says:

    This process seems to be on a serious go slow.
    I emailed NZTA a the start of the month and they said they would name a date for public consultation by the end of the week. That date was 3 weeks ago. Still hasnt happened. Maybe they’ve been spooked by the opposition?


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