Grafton Train Station: Painted & 2 Weeks Away - Photos


Grafton’s new train station got a dash of paint yesterday, and the signs are up, ready for commuters to use in 2 weeks.

On Monday April 11, weekday commuters will be boarding and alighting from this station. St Peters College students, who presently use Boston Rd extensively, will be on holiday.

Grafton’s opening gives us more cause for us to celebrate - we have a fresh new Western Line station, replacing Boston Rd and of course the second track work around the area will be also happening this coming weekend.

The Grafton station is, as revealed here last week, coming in at the same time as a tweaked Western Line timetable, to give more helpful accurate times. Anything is better than the present unpredictable timetable! The tweaked timetable allows a three-minute stop at Newmarket and changes the night - peak time Britomart-New Lynn (5.31pm) express to stop at Grafton, not Newmarket.

These pictures at Park Rd:


Grafton’s new station - More photos
Grafton station: Boston Rd side almost there - Photos
Grafton station - Buses stop outside
Grafton opening marks end of massive rail project -history in photos




  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    Are they going to remove the platforms out the prison..?

  2. Jeremy Harris says:


  3. max says:

    You’d expect so. The material used there as the base of the platforms (faux “quarry stone” concrete block modules) looks to be easily reusable elsewhere where they might need retaining walls or new platforms.

    But they may take a while if there aren’t any other projects that need them straightaway - aren’t Kingdon Street’s physical platforms still there as well? Jeez can’t even remember atm.

  4. Jon C says:

    @Max yes the remains of the platforms are at Kingdon. I would suspect just the shelters and signs will go

  5. Ryan Hutton says:

    Will this be close to the main bus stop grafton bridge - symonds st for dominion rd etc?

  6. Luke says:

    The station is designed to be integrated with the Central Connector, which is the bus lane which from Newmarket to Britomart over the Grafton Bridge. With any luck those from the West going to the Uni or Hospital area will now be able to get off at Grafton, walk up the stairs and wait no more than a minute or so for a bus.
    Would be so much better with integrated ticketing though, you wouldnt have to pay any more for the bus fare.


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