More Tourists Now Expected for RWC 2011


The prime minister says more tourists than had been expected will come to NZ for next year’s Rugby World Cup.

Speaking at the Beehive post-Cabinet news conference this afternoon, John Key said that  his tourism officials had upped the number from 75,000 now to 85,000 and that the number may increase again before the cup.

Insisting New Zealand was ‘well prepared,” he said :”We’re in good shape to showcase New Zealand.”

Tomorrow the RWC 2011 organisers have an official launch in Auckland and will provide more details of the event.

On the question of game ticket prices, Mr Key said the “vast bulk” of the prices were what you’d expect to pay for a test match already but he conceded that the semi and final prices were way beyond that.

He still considered there would be those in New Zealand who wanted the “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to go to a RWC semi or final, but competition for those tickets with overseas fans would be competitive.

YESTERDAY: RWC chief says transport will be right on the night




  1. Andrew says:

    I suppose all these extra tourists will also be bringing their cars on the planes with them too. We’d better triplicate the Mangere Bridge motorway, quick.

  2. Just a note.

    I think what they have done with Mt Eden, is nice. Personally think the white seats are nice.

    But to me there seems that our trains will not cope. I have a feeling there will be many people coming for this. Kingsland will need some major improvements.

  3. Jeremy Harris says:

    Ha ha, yes John we are in good shape to showcase NZ… I have a sinking feeling the priority we place on effective, efficient transport will be displayed quite accurately…


    “Here we are live for the final of the 2011 RWC, NZ vs. SA… Carter to kick off… If the 1 billion people watching at home are wondering why the stadium is only 3/4 full it appears there was a points failure at Newmarket and trains are backed up at Parnell and Britomart, angry fans have abandoned the carriages and are walking quickly to the ground… Transport minister Steven Joyce said he was sure 84% of fans drove to games so there was no need for hurried investment in the public transport system before the RWC but don’t you worry at home we are still very clean and green although we are apparently pro-whaling now and mining Fox Glacier…”

    *shakes head*

  4. ejtma says:

    Some people on here never give up, trains are not the answer to everything, Steven Joyce is not the devil. Don’t forget the all giving and messiah’s from the labour party had a chance to fund all that was needed and didn’t. This government have delivered a lot more in a short time.

    What we need is balance, rail, roads, ferries and buses.

    At the end of the day of 8,000 people come from overseas I will be very surprised. Look at the numbers who went to Australia for the Rugby “world” Cup over there.

  5. Luke says:

    How come everyone who says we need a ‘balanced’ trasnport system thinks we are spending too much on rail and not enough on roads? Considering in Auckland no money was spent on rail or PT from about 1950 - 2000, we have anything but a ‘balanced’ transport system.

  6. Joel says:

    @Jeremy… That’s the exact recurring nightmare I’ve been having!

    @ejtma… You are dead right. we do need balance… All you need now is a reality check.

  7. Jeremy Harris says:

    ejtma, I presume you’re having a go at me, I’m am pro-road, pro-car, pro-rail, pro-walking, pro-bus, pro-cycling and pro-ferry… What I am not pro is one mode dominating all other especially when the dominated mode is the least efficient and environmentally friendly…
    Might be time for us to try something new, eh..?

  8. max says:

    “Some people on here never give up”

    It would be pretty disappointing if they did, before we actually GOT a balance.

    The fact that this blog used to be called “Auckland trains” might also be a clue.

    “trains are not the answer to everything”

    They are a pretty good answer to many of the questions asked in transport, such as congestion, air pollution, fuel prices, barrier effects and long-term financial AND ecological sustainability.

    “Steven Joyce is not the devil.”

    If automobile dependence is hell, then he is a making a good impersonation of the devil. I just have no sympathy for him, to cite the song.

    “Don’t forget the all giving and messiah’s from the labour party had a chance to fund all that was needed and didn’t.”

    So because politicians in the past screwed up, the current government is to get a chance to do so without us complaining?

    “This government have delivered a lot more in a short time.”

    They have not delivered much except motorways so far. About the only thing this government did for PT that wasn’t agreed before they were in power was funding Auckland electrification fully from national-level sources. And that came at the price of a year or more delay, and the loss of control over Auckland’s rail systems (such as the stations, which are now owned by Kiwirail).

    So yeah. Three cheers. Not.

  9. Andrew says:

    “This government have delivered a lot more in a short time.”

    Please quantify, what have they delivered?

    I can think of start of construction on the Victoria Park Tunnel - one road project, no rail or maritime projects.

  10. Nick R says:

    They have also escalated the motorway bridge of the Manukau harbour, the motorway extension at Mt Roskill, the motorway interchange at Manukau and the motorway viaduct at Newmarket.

    Plus I believe they are currently working on a crash programme to fit car carrying racks to all Air New Zealand long haul airliners, plus they have almost perfected a disposable rental car that is good for two weeks then dissolves into biodegradable sludge.

  11. Joshua says:

    ejtma - I think you mean well, so unlike every1 else i’m not going to attack you.

    “Some people on here never give up, trains are not the answer to everything” - you are 100% right, trains are not the answer to everything, but they are sure apart of the solution (note you are on a train site).

    “Steven Joyce is not the devil” - again you’re right, he is just fixated on a solution which hasn’t and is not working. Would be one of the best MP’s we ever had if only he had a balanced view to transport.

    “Don’t forget the all giving and messiah’s from the labour party had a chance to fund all that was needed and didn’t. This government have delivered a lot more in a short time” - couldn’t agree more, just wish that development in transport was better directed.

    “What we need is balance, rail, roads, ferries and buses.” - Welcome, excatly what everyone on this site is wanting, excatly what everyone is striving for, excatly why everyone is critical of the current trend, however it cannot be balanced until funding is balanced, you do the sums.

    We will have a huge number of tourists come, the most we’ve ever had, and ever will have for a long time for 1 event. It’s the long term benefits of an effective rail system as well as the short term benefits that will result, imagine how we will look when our western trains break down, the trains are packed enough for a blues match, and the stadium is only half full. Doesn’t make us look to crash hot. Also tourism is one of our biggest industries, and as mentioned before, are they all going to take their cars here? Most will use PT where possible or in our case where existant.

    Yes it’s about balance, but I can assure you it’s roading thats hogging all the resources not rail, and thats anyway you look at it.

  12. ejtma says:

    @joshua - You have said everything that needs to be said.

    I am not attacking anyone, I just get sick of seeing Steven Joyce being blamed for everything. At the end of the day roads will meet the needs of most people, so that is where the focus is. I live in Auckland and travel to Hamilton and Whangarei for work. I would consider using a train for both, but only if timings were 1hr 30 - 2hrs to Hamilton and 2 hours to 2 hours 30 to Whanarei. Most importantly, there would need to be a choice of departure times. The train to Wellington from PN works well because most people who get it work for the Civil Service and can start and leave at set times. If you work for a private or non government company you don’t have that luxury.

    Finally National have delivered on a lot, they have funded a few roads which are needed, they have also funded the electrification, and the new trains for Auckland, which, regardless of what others say on here, Labour could have done the deal and locked it in if they had wanted.


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