Regional Council Wants Lower Blood Alcohol Level Now


A regional council thinks there’s no need to debate reducing the blood alcohol limit for adults- the government should just do it straight away.

The minister of transport has said that no decision has been taken but under discussion is reducing the limit from  80mg/100ml (0.08) to 50mg/100ml (0.05).

The Canterbury regional transport committee chair and Environment Canterbury councillor Jo Kane says there is already enough proof as there was data that shows compelling results in countries that have taken this step.

Cr Kane says evidence and statistics presented a year ago to the committee by the then Canterbury Road Policing Manager in 2008  showed that during that year, alcohol and drugs were prominent factors in vehicle related deaths in New Zealand causing 31 percent of fatal crashes and 21 percent of serious injury crashes.

Those crashes resulted in 119 deaths, 582 serious injuries and 1,726 minor injuries.

“It is estimated that the social cost of crashes where alcohol/drugs were a factor was $841 million.  These statistics support a reduction of the alcohol level and the committee continues to advocate this policy following the Minister’s paper.”





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