RWC Ticketing Blitz Launched: Cup Leaves ‘Transport Legacy’


The RWC 2011 campaign kicked off this afternoon, with details of tickets going on sale from April 27 and officials again assuring that transport and other parts of the “jigsaw” were on track.

RWC chief Martin Sneddon told a media briefing that the event will “pump more than $500m into the economy, attract more than 60,000 visitors and leave a valuable legacy including world class stadia, transport improvements and a workforce skilled in providing a high level of service at major events.”

And Auckland’s RWC 2011 spokesperson Michael Barnett said the city is well on track to welcome the 60,000 plus international visitors.

“You only need to take a quick look around the region to see work charging ahead. From Eden Park nearing completion to transport upgrades right around Auckland, we can be confident that each piece of the puzzle will be in place for the opening celebrations on 9 September 2011.”

Eden Park's new stand

Mr Sneddon announced how the ticketing system worked.

750,000 tickets will be made available during Phase 1.

  • This first release includes a priority access period for the “loyal NZ rugby community” who already buy tickets to games.  This group will have access to around one third of available tickets during the first phase.
  • The second phase will see individual tickets released for every match except the semi-finals and Final (which will be sold through a ballot system). This second phase is expected to commence in August or September 2010.
  • The final phase will enable fans who applied for tickets in phase one or two to elect to enter the ballot system for tickets to the semi-finals and the final. This process is expected to open in November  and any remaining tickets will go on general sale in 2011.
  • 10,000 tickets are available for the final at $390 but the rest are $750, $1100 and $1250Children’s prices are available for all pool matches and the Bronze Final
  • Children can attend 28 pool matches for $15-$20
  • 20% of all tickets are $50 or lower
  • Two-thirds (32 out of 48) of all matches are at or below domestic test match prices
  • Prices for major pool matches and knockout matches are “comparable with those from RWC 2007″
  • 500,000 tickets are available in the lowest price categories
  • 22 of the 44 boxes at Eden Park sold in the first week that corporate hospitality went on sale

The Feelers doing a version of Jesus Jones’ “Right Here, Right Now” will be the anthem.

Media ticket pack

Jesus Jones




  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    Spin, spin, spin…
    Will integrated ticketing be in place, can I quote Mr Sneddon on that..?
    I don’t think we can be confident electric trains will…

  2. Matt L says:

    What transport legacy will be left, the vic park tunnels, Newmarket viaduct and Manukau crossing. All motorway stuff that probably would have happened anyway. Where is the CBD tunnel, north shore line to Albany etc, that would have been a real legacy

  3. Jeremy Harris says:

    @Matt I would have seetled for a CBD stadium (prefably at Carlaw), an airport line, electrification, EMU rolling stock and integrated ticketing…
    They couldn’t have built the CBD tunnel in time and building the airport line would mean they’d have to build the tunnel…

  4. Jon C says:

    Integrated ticketing will be nice.

  5. curtissd says:

    Intergrated ticketing here in London works so well. I top up for zone 1 & 2, which is equivalent of Ellerslie to Avondale / Takapuna to Onehunga kind of area??? It costs me 25 pounds for 7 days. 5 return trips to work would cost me 25 pounds in total if I bought individual tickets. So all other travel is free, everything in zone 1 & 2 (buses, tubes and trains) is free, ferries you have to pay a little more but the mayor here wants to have them included in the same zone strucure and put smaller more frequent ferry services on the Thames next year. I hope Aucklands intergrated ticketing is as succesful.


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