Lolly Scramble At Britomart


Britomart seems to have become a target for advertisers and promotional companies wanting to hawk their wares.

Not only do you sometimes get bombarded with flyers as you dash out the Britomart entrance doors onto to Queen St in the morning peak-hour but now promotional companies are hanging out free samples at the door.

The person handing out these free four-pack yoghurt packages tonight at rush hour outside Britomart caused a feeding frenzy as people clambered for the free goodies!




  1. Matt L says:

    I for one like the idea. Just another benefit of catching the train that you are much less likely to get driving. I do ignore the flyers though, particularly one I saw handing out parking vouchers (obviously getting threatened by the popularity of the trains)

    This guy was handing out packs of yogurt of which I managed to get one :-) A couple of mornings last week people were handing out packs of Doritos.

  2. Jon R says:

    Beats sitting in a traffic jam!


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