Greens Appoint Spokesperson For Time Travel


The Green Party today appointed new spokespeople to several key transport-related portfolios - including a spokesperson for time travel.

Catherine Delahunty said she was excited to be investigating methods of time travel, which would be helpful for her other portfolios. “Actually being able to visit the future will greatly assist my ability to evaluate the ‘Future Focus’ welfare package,” she said.

And Metiria Turei will be the spokesperson on “active” transport such as roller derby.

Metiria Turei said in the statement she was “stoked” to get the Active Transport (except cycling and walking) portfolio. She said she was planning a ‘Roller Derby Tour of New Zealand’ to connect with users of these modes of transport and get their views and input on the portfolio.

In addition to the existing Green spokespeople for Transport issues - Gareth Hughes (Transport), Keith Locke (Auckland Transport), Sue Kedgley (Wellington Transport), and Kevin Hague (Cycling and Active Transport) - the Greens have appointed the following new spokespeople:

Catherine Delahunty (Time Transport): Metiria Turei (Active Transport except cycling or walking - eg Roller Derby).Kennedy Graham (International Transport); Russel Norman (Water-based Transport); and David Clendon (Motorbike Transport)

“Having all nine Green MPs working on transport issues reflects the central importance the Green Party places on transport,” Mr Hughes said.

New International Transport spokesperson Kennedy Graham said he was well-placed to work on International Transport issues following his previous career as a diplomat. “I have extensive first-hand experience of International Transport,” he said. “My key objective in the portfolio is to encourage people to do as little international travel as possible.”

Russel Norman said he had learned a lot about Water-based Transport following his successful ‘Dirty Rivers Rafting Tour’, which involved not only rafting but also kayaking, and canoeing. “In cities such as Wellington we should be promoting kayaking and swimming as sustainable commuting options for people living in Harbour suburbs,” he said. “Kayaking the Hutt River could also be promoted to Hutt residents as an alternative to the unreliable Hutt Valley train line.”

David Clendon said the issue of motorbike transport had been given a high profile by the ‘Bikoi’ rally against ACC changes last year. “It is my hope that we can capitalise on the profile from that event and keep up the motorbike momentum,” he said. “More people travelling by motorbike would also have trickle-down benefits to our local leather manufacturers, so it is win-win.”

Overall transport Spokesperson Gareth Hughes said the Greens’ new focus on transport reflected importance of transport to all New Zealanders.

“Transport is central to our environment, economy, and society. It is near-universal in its appeal and relevance. Everyone has to get places,” he said.




  1. Paul says:

    What are these people smoking?

  2. George Darroch says:

    It’s April Fools Day, Paul.

  3. anth says:

    I’d guess they’re smoking a calendar. By April 2nd they’ll probably not have quite so many transport spokespeople.

  4. jarbury says:

    Not QUITE as many transport spokespeople ;)

  5. Jon C says:

    @jarbury No otherwise they would really be fools. Nice to see one party not taking themselves seriously!

  6. Jeremy Harris says:

    What about the Minister for Silly Walks..?

  7. ingolfson says:

    Would have been a bit funnier though, if they had not gone overboard THAT much that you couldn’t believe it at all.


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