Onehunga Train Station Monthly Photo Update


Here is the monthly look at the site of the new Onehunga railway station, supposedly opening around June/ July.

As usual, see if you can spot the difference or changes:

Former ITM site last November

Former ITM site March

Former ITM site today (April 1)

and more from today…




  1. Andrew says:

    Saw what I presume to be the upstairs bathroom light left on as I drove past one Saturday night last month.

    Interesting, going by those photos they’ve cleared the yard out. Something may indeed be about to happen, and yes I AM going to hold my breath this time!

  2. Geoff says:

    The green building by the way is the Onehunga goods shed. The last railway building still standing on the railway site, and it’s been there since the 1950′s. Will be sad to see the last original railway building demolished.


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