Want To Control The Signals?


I didn’t realise they still had jobs going as signal box controllers.

Veolia is advertising one for Pukekohe. Reporting to the service delivery manager, you will signal trains in accordance with rail operating code, rules, procedures and associated instructions.

“You will need to have a passion for rail operations, the ability to learn and apply knowledge, enjoy complying with rules and procedures and be particularly skilled in decision making, multi tasking, planning and organising.”

Old Mt Albert signals box at MOTAT

And good to see ARTA advertising for key people to help work as Change Manager and Technical Manager for bringing together Auckland’s integrated ticketing, fixed terms til June 2012.

That is another sign integrated ticketing is on its way.




  1. Andrew says:

    Uh, that’s not a signal box, that’s the inside of a <4yo PC.

  2. Andrew says:

    Fixed terms until June 2012 - can we take that as the completion date for integrated ticketing? Cool, that puts it as two-and-a-bit years to full implementation!

  3. Jon C says:

    @Andrew Oops… wrong upload!


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