Even Graffiti Wiped For Shiny New Grafton Station-Photos


“Train art” got wiped out this afternoon around the Boston Rd end of the new Grafton train station, as final touch up work continued in preparation for the official opening ceremony today week.

Boston Road station gets ‘paroled’ on Saturday next week and trains will no longer stop outside the Mt Eden Prison, a stop that is always much to the constant amazement and intrigue of  tourists onboard , who are never short of appropriate jokes.

Grafton will be in service from Sunday April 11, when a tweaked Western Line timetable comes into force.

At the station itself, this weekend, some painting and touch up work continued and clean up of the massive Khyber Pass construction site, which has seen much activity while the new railbridges and station were constructed.




  1. Ian says:

    Please tell me those white walls are graffiti guarded!

  2. Jon C says:

    @Ian That’s the hope - but I’m not sure there is any fail proof solution!

  3. anthony says:

    the walls look bland though, they should have a nice arty bit of paint, though NOT graffiti.

  4. Jeremy Harris says:

    The should get some mural artists down there during the shutdown…

    It really taking shape now, from Newmarket junction to the prison side of SH1 feels like the third trench along with New Lynn and Manukau…

  5. Matt L says:

    There is a bit of a mural that has gone up, I saw it on Thursday morning on part of one wall. You can just see it in the last picture between the first two posts of the station shelter. I think it was part of a city street scene or something similar. I think it was a print of some kind rather than a painting directly on the wall.

  6. Commuter says:

    Actually, passing through yesterday afternoon, I noticed there was a bit of ‘murialising’ going on so, I guess, a little public art is being installed. Oddly enough, given my abiding distaste for the manifestations of private enterprise, I’ve always been delighted and entranced by the variety of advertising on the London tube and I find it odd that the advertising industry here hasn’t taken up the many opportunities offered by these new rail stations. I guess all those account directors spend their commuting hours sitting congested in their Beemers on the motorway, pretending they’re not chatting away on their mobiles. Much more interesting than public art and constantly changing.

  7. Matt L says:

    The mural was interesting because it wasn’t there on Wednesday night when I went home but was there on Thursday morning. It covers 2 of the wall segments. I was expecting more of the wall to be covered by Thursday night but it wasn’t and based on these pics it hasn’t progressed any further.

    If it is just a print that is applied to the wall it might be something that can go up pretty quickly and would probably happen after the heavy machinery has left the site in a day or two.

  8. anthony says:

    Commuter is right, Advertising gives us something to read, spruces the station up and would give it character. I knew there was something missing. In tokyo you would find adverts in all sorts of bizzare places!

  9. Matt R says:

    Advertising, are you kidding me? Granted if would be ok if it’s the kind that’s viral with virtually no understanding or creative like the recent met weather billboad, but it wont be.

    Murals are better but still rather boring when they have to play it safe ie city landscapes, children playing etc.

    Id rather see some kind of installation art, mixed media, flashing lights, something iconic, perhaps it springs to life before the train approaches and stops not long after departing.

    Just anything other then vodafone/h2go/macdonalds/energy drink images depicting scenes of hip tweensters pretending to have a good time.


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