Westfield Junction Gets Upgrade


KiwiRail is using the weekend shutdown to continue to make improvements to a key junction - Westfield Junction.

Because it’s less visible to commuters, that work has largely been done behind the scenes but is considered vital.

There were new turn-outs there at Christmas as part of the  improvements.

At 6am this morning, they installed a new diamond at the intersection of the North Island Main Trunk (NIMT) and the North Auckland Line (NAL).

A KiwiRail spokesperson told me: “Every train that travels up the NIMT and down the NAL travels across that track component so it was well worn out.

“The new diamond was manufactured in China and is one of only two of its kind in use on the national network at the moment.”

Also on the Southern line, this morning work began at Manurewa.
This involves a level crossing upgrade at Manuroa Rd, and the old platform is being removed at Manurewa station and Tironui.

Trains gather for a holiday at Westfield today




  1. bob says:

    The removal of the old Tironui platform is a disaster for rail in the Papkura area - and highlights the stupidity of ARTA & Kiwirail officials - they couldn’t plan their way out of a paper bag!!!

    There is a large gap between Papkura and Takanini stations, and Tironui fills it perfectly, servicing the north end of Papkura, and the new ‘Glenora’ subdivision being built around Bruce Pulman Park. ARTA daftly pay to remove this centre island platform but plan to build a new ‘Glenora station’ on the opposite side of Walters Rd, and close the Takanini station a few hundered metres further north.

    Shades of the insanity of 3 stations built at Boston Rd/Park Rd. Worse, it reveals the bigotry of the planners - they want the new station to service the new middle class subdivision, but not the 2 poor suburbs (Tironui and Takanini) that straddle their new station. For shame.

    Watch and weep Auckland, as our public funds get squandered on pointless destruction and rebuilds of stations, while Onehunga rail festers unopened, and Airport rail is ‘planned’ out of existence.


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