Kingsland & SH20 Cycleways Get Closer - Latest Photos


Kingsland cycleway – the missing 1.24k stretch of cycleway alongside the Northwestern motorway, that  pieces together the mainly off-road 12km route between central and west Auckland - has been sealed so is almost ready for riding.

Kingsland cycleway alongside Auckland's Northwestern Motorway

Also eagerly awaited by cyclists out that way and a long time coming is another missing link.

That’s the combined cycleway and walkway on the northern slope of the Mt Roskill volcanic cone, alongside the SH20.

Mt Roskill cycleway and walkway as it looks today

It’s the final 365m link for the motorway extension cycleway, so providing a connecting link between the two sections of the 12km-long south-western cycleway that were completed earlier this year.

It’s due to be finished in June. This is how it looks today.




  1. ingolfson says:

    A stock grate??? Please, please let it not be true. How can you have a stock grate on a cycleway?

  2. Su Yin says:

    Verbatim from the CAA newsletter:

    Auckland’s newest cycle path improvement has been delayed, but do not fear — because while the folks at Fulton Hogan building the “missing link” of the Northwestern Cycleway have struck some surprises (literally), the project itself is going well — and is now to be completed in two weeks.

    As described in earlier eNews, the “missing link” is a section of the Northwestern Cycleway in Kingsland where cyclists currently have to leave their dedicated off-road path and mix it with motorists in narrow residential streets — while getting a bit of a roller-coaster feeling due to the steep gradients.

    Funded by the New Zealand Transport Agency, the new path section will provide a much more pleasant off-road route, which will also be almost level — and in time will bloom with lots of Pohutukawa while you are cycling along it to work or play.

    As to the surprises mentioned, the construction crews knew that a lot of underground services would have to be moved for the piling of the new retaining and noise walls. What they didn’t expect was to find great lengths of really massive water pipes that had been totally lost to records. Thankfully, the pipes were not in use anymore.

    As of this eNews, the path has been mostly formed and sealed and a new cycle bridge over Mountain View Road built. Meanwhile we are also told that the locals, initially sceptical at losing the vegetation hiding the motorway, are now quite pleased with the project. It cleaned out what had in some areas become a rubbish tip, and will now provide them with noise walls and better landscaping.

    The ribbon-cutting ceremony will be at Nixon Road, 10:30am, Thursday 15 April

  3. max says:

    Thanks, Su Yin - not visible from the photos is the new landscaping & trees. I am expecting it to be pretty bare initially. But even that should be sorted out soon, and then given some time to grow in…

  4. Tim says:

    MINT! Hopefully I can sneak in a ride or two before the ribbon cutting ;-)

    Almost hit by a car pulling out from a driveway along the kingsland bit yesterday - so it can’t come soon enough. If only there were a decent cycle lane to downtown / britomart; I could cycle from my house in Te Atatu to work without getting on a road (Qn St is ultra scary).

  5. Su Yin Khoo says:

    Nah, I reckon Queen Street isn’t as ultra scary—unless you’re going uphill to K Rd—as some others.


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