Kingsland Starts War On Sign Clutter


Let’s hope this works and catches on.

Kingsland is trialling for six months an initiative to reduce street sign clutter.

Kingsland today

Kingsland as it was

If successful, it will be rolled out in other parts of Auckland City.

Auckland inner city streets overdose on signage competing for attention

Auckland City streets are drowning in sign clutter pollution and this initaive reduces parking signs along New North Rd between Sandringham Rd and Kingsland Ave.

Kingsland cafe seating already causes pedestrian congestion

The initaive reduction in Kingsland is impressive - it’s involving the reduction of almost 60% fewer signs, with signs that remain having fewer words and explanations.

The challenge will be in dealing with motorists whose cars are towed away along there, during the weekday 4pm and 6pm clearway, claiming there were no signs telling them so!

If you miss the signs, there are still enough to be found.

Signs near the corner of New North Rd, Kingsland & Bond St




  1. ingolfson says:

    If I am a lawyer (by profession, or just in my soul) and challenge this once I got ticketed, will they put up more signs again? Like they did at Grafton Bridge?

  2. Jeremy Harris says:

    This is pretty cool… Kingsland is one of the worst for info-overload so is a good trial location…

  3. Su Yin says:

    Found this article on Reuters about uncluttering street signs in the UK


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