New Lynn’s New Transport Hub Grows - Latest Photos


While underground rail trench work continues this Easter weekend at the New Lynn train station, at street level, the city’s new transport hub continues to take shape.

A temporary train station continues to operate until the new underground station proper is finished in the next few months.

Here’s the latest photos of the construction site:

New Lynn's new transport centre continues to be a busy construction site




  1. Ian says:

    I do like big chunks of new concrete.

  2. max says:

    Interesting that the aboveground part of the station will be so big. I was worried it would be a dinky little affair.

    Plus it doesn’t seem to be going for the tent-roof-design affair I saw in some earlier concept designs, which looked (purely from my own aesthetic viewpoint) pretty bad.

  3. Matt L says:

    Max - here is a link to some pics of what it is meant to look like:

  4. max says:

    Mmmh, so the tent stuff may still happen. Sigh. Well, matbe it won’t look as bad as I thought.

  5. Jezza says:

    All these trench type stations at Newmarket, Grafton, New Lynn and Manukau are going to give people a feeling of being on an underground, it should really increase patronage…

  6. Carl says:

    being on a underground? do me a favor, try about another 200 trains, about another 200 more stations and services that actually run on time.

    Underground and auckland trains, don’t even feature on the same page, let alone the same national library.

    the stations aren’t even fully covered, the only underground section is britomart and to be honest even that ins’t underground, because there are no buildings above it!


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