Kapiti Expressway Process Outlined


NZTA says it has made a commitment to the Kapiti community to provide certainty about the proposed MacKays to Peka Peka Expressway  route as quickly as possible.

It has today outlined the next process.

It’s setting up the Project Alliance, and expects the makeup of the alliance to be announced in May.

The aim of the alliance is for NZTA, the Kapiti Coast District Council and the expressway’s designer and contractor to all work together to “achieve the best results.”

NZTA Regional Director Deborah Hume says the tender evaluation process is well underway and the successful tenderers next month, after which the alliance will be formed by the NZTA, the design consultants and construction contractor. The council has signaled it is prepared to join the alliance.”

Then the alliance will release an indicative timetable of work.

“This will give the community a better feel for when the investigation, design and construction work on the expressway is likely to happen, what it will involve, and how they can participate.

“One of the benefits of establishing an alliance is that it will be able to move much quicker into the investigation and design phases than if we were t use traditional methods of expressway design and construction. “

This means we’ll be in a better position to provide clear information to the community and to talk to people about alignment options and design details such as the location of interchanges

.“We’ve had some positive tender proposals put forward to us that have reflected a real desire and ability to get started as soon as possible, and once the makeup of the alliance is confirmed we expect to begin work on the investigation phase within a matter of weeks.”





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