Bike Racks On Buses


Auckland buses may soon have bike racks on the outside of its buses.

The NZTA has been examining how that works in places like Christchurch and Seattle.

Present NZ legislation allows for buses to be fitted with outside bike racks.

NZTA has begun working with ARTA to find a means to do it here.

This is how it’s promoted in Seattle.

In Seattle, where there are 2 and 2 bike racks on buses, authorities say the average user cycles two and a half miles to a bus stop - then travels an average of 8 miles on the bus.

Upon alighting and getting their bike off the rack, the user then cycles an average remaining one and a half miles often into the CBD.




  1. LindisCS says:

    Remember the good old days - buses had hooks where you could hang your bike or a push chair. What a radical new idea!

  2. Stranded on the North Shore says:

    NO WAY!!!!!!! This is awesome news!!! We saw these in every-day use in Vancouver and they really work! Maybe now finally I will be able to bike from home to work (and bus in-between)!!! That’s very exciting!!!

  3. ingolfson says:

    Elephant in the room: What do I do when I have just cycled to the bus stop, and the rack is already full?

  4. Nick R says:

    You wait for the next bus I guess ingolfson.

    Call me a cynic but is this a way to deflect demand for cycle lanes on the harbour bridge?

    I’m a little concerned about what impact this may have on boarding times, but I guess that 99% of users will be ‘regulars’ who’ll be pretty snappy at getting their bike stowed and unstowed.

  5. max says:

    “You wait for the next bus I guess ingolfson.”

    Which makes it rather dubious, ESPECIALLY if it takes off well. But I have always been sceptical of this.

    “Call me a cynic but is this a way to deflect demand for cycle lanes on the harbour bridge?”

    No. Cycle Action Auckland supports it, for example. Just another piece in the puzzle, I guess.

  6. joust says:

    Its probably not the be all and end all of bike travel. But could be pretty useful on the Northern Express for example which would complement trips already made on ferries with Bikes.

    I’m glad these kinds of ideas are being considered.

  7. Jeremy Harris says:

    I had a photo of Portland’s double bike racks in my RLTS submission, seems someone else was already thinking of it…

  8. Joshua says:

    I personally not sure, although good for cycling, I can see it slowing down boarding times, which when intergrated ticketing comes could be really anoying.


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