Bridge Wins Top Architecture Award


Hillcrest bridge, on the Northern Gateway toll road, today won an award in the NZ Institute of Architects annual awards.

Hillcrest Road Bridge, near Orewa, affectionately dubbed the Pukeko Bridge, was described as a signature structure - “lyrical, elegant and memorable”.

It was designed by Jasmax, Jasmax Ltd, whose design of the NZI Centre at Auckland Viaduct  was a winner in the Commercial, Sustainable and Interior Architecture categories. The Hillcrest Road Bridge was  among winners in the urban design section.

Selectors said that the NZI Centre “had set new standards for office space and expectations of corporate citizens, praising its elegance, quality and stimulating interior and sustainability principles that are intrinsic to the building’s design. ”

K Rd’s Ironbank was judged to have “broken the mould” with judges admiring its “cluster of five towers of stacked boxes which provide a dramatic, sculptural form, and the way in which the project was driven by ecological sensitivity. “




  1. Dave Parker says:

    Why is PUBLIC access to this bridge, currently blocked off.. that is, why has the tax payer built a bridge that IS NOT BEING USED?



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