Kingsland Cycleway Opens


The missing link for Kingsland’s cycleway has taken only eight months form the start of the project  - until Thursday’s 1030am opening by transport minister Steven Joyce at Nixon Park.

The new Northwestern Kingsland cycleway link is finished

It will be so welcomed by Auckland’s western and city cyclists who presently have to navigate around back streets.

One of the cool things is its various entries from various Western Springs streets - although one has been held up because of construction issues apparently around water pipes.

Some residents were also concerned about their homes having greater exposure to motorway noise so additional screening is being put in.

More vegetation still  has to be put in after tomorrow- including creepers on the wall to soften it up.

This is another good news event for those who love transport options!

Late today, there was a flurry of action to finish off  bits and also get rid of the graffiti across the Mountain View Road bridge part of the cycleway  - so the Important People at the opening see it all looking fresh.




  1. max says:

    The “motorway noise” issue is a good example of applied psychology (or the irrational nature of human psychology). Trees and bushes are well known in accoustics to do literally nothing against traffic noise.

    However, since the existing vegetation was removed for the construction of the path (and the new landscaping will take years to grow in) the locals FELT it was suddenly noisier - because they could now see the motorway traffic.

    Ah well, as long as the noise walls didn’t come out of the cycling budget (cyclists after all are practically silent), all is well, and everybody profits.

  2. mac says:

    the new link looks great, cant wait to use it today, finally!

    Pity though out of the 3mil budget they couldn’t stick a couple of signs saying what, why, how and when…

    and a pity the big opening was not publicised or on at a time when people that use the actual thing are passing through on their morning commute!!!!

    ah well i’m flattered that the 60k (based on the current 500 users a day count) they spent on me will mean a safer, more enjoyable and 1min quicker commute, woohoo!!

  3. max says:

    Mac, under your logic, lots of roading and motorway projects would sound ridiculous.

    A cycleway has very low maintenance requirements (because unlike a road or motorway, nothing heavy goes along it). Therefore, it will be around for much longer than a motorway or roads project before needing major replacement. So arguing from todays 500 people is misleading.

    Instead, take the cost and then divide by 500 people, times, say, 25 years, times 300 days (estimated) a year. That makes the cost of this project at much less than a dollar per cycle trip.

    And all that does not even cover the fact that this project itself may up the numbers of people using the cycleway - or the fact that once it is extended all the way into the city, predictions are that it will double in volume of users.

    Also, some benefits also apply to the locals, as I assume the costs cited included elements like the noise walls. At the end of the day, increasing cycling in a cycling-hostile environment is going to have some start-up costs associated with it.

  4. Jeremy Harris says:

    Don’t forget the health benefits Max…

  5. Sam F says:

    I lol’d at the “Fitness Singles” Google matchmaking banner alongside this blogpost, complete with fetching blonde in cycle helmet…

  6. mac says:

    apologies, my last line was unintentionally tongue in cheek……..

    you’re preaching to the converted, I am a passionate cyclist and triathlete and I use this route twice daily year round to commute to work. The improvement and expansion of the cities cycle network can’t come soon enough.

    Yours in cycling

  7. max says:

    I realised you were joking, but your argument was very close to that used often enough by real cycling opponents - so I had to counter it. Repeat something often enough, and people believe it.


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