Manners Mall Buses Get Green Light


Buses will be rolling through Wellington CBD’s Manners Mall.

The Environment Court has cleared the way for Manners Mall to be opened up to buses, as the local council sought with tis $1.1m plan.

This has been welcomed by the Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce.

“We are pleased with the decision. A more efficient public transport operation through the CBD is critical to the city’s prosperity and the configuration in the Manners Mall area is not working well,” said Chamber CEO Charles Finny.

“Rerouting buses through Manners Mall will shorten the central bus route and remove buses from other key roads - thus reducing travel times for general traffic as well as buses.

Wellington buses will be going through Manners Mall

“The proposed revitalisation of the area and lower Cuba Street is also welcomed.

“We hope that work can commence on the project as soon as possible so that it can be completed in time for the Rugby World Cup next year.

“We also urge decisions on other parts of the regional road network – in particular a tunnel at Buckle Street and the Basin Reserve,” Mr Finny said.

An unemployed Wellington man, who boasted to the media he was living on the dole to run court crusades on social issues, was the one who lodged an Environment Court appeal to stop Manners Mall being turned into a buses-only road and held up the plan.




  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    I think if the mall is replaced with other public space and the buses do in fact run more efficiently it is not such a bad outcome…
    Sheesh we lose public space for motorway and they lose it for public transport…


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