Johnsonville Station Upgrade Starts


The next upgrade in Wellington’s train station refurbishment starts on Monday.

Work will begin on improvements to Johnsonville Station.

The station is being extended slightly to the south and the platform re-surfaced, with the addition of safety features such as yellow tactile strips at the platform edge.

Johnsonville station will remain open to passengers throughout the two to three month construction period, although some sections of the platform will need to close at different times.

Johnsonville train station gets an upgrade

Wellington Region Rail Programme Director David Gordon thanked passengers in advance for their patience while the works were underway.

“Johnsonville is the latest in a number of stations being upgraded around the region and we know that these works can be disruptive. Passengers have been understanding over the past year as we’ve turned stations into construction sites and the end results have been worth it, with great feedback from passengers using the refurbished stations,” David Gordon said.

Due to the nature of the site, a number of car parks on the eastern side of the platforms will be unavailable during the construction period.

Johnsonville's train platforms are to be resurfaced

Passengers who use park and ride facilities are reminded not to park in the Johnsonville Shopping Centre car park. “

This isn’t ideal but unfortunately our efforts to find alternative car parking nearby have been unsuccessful,” David Gordon said. “I hope people can bear with us over the coming months.”

Box Hill will be the final station on the Johnsonville Line to get the upgrade treatment, closing temporarily on 3 May for two to three months.

Passengers will be able to use adjacent Simla Crescent or Khandallah Stations during construction.




  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    Great stuff I remember thinking it was a bit of a dive when I arrived at it a year or so ago… It has a little store on it though…

  2. Ian says:

    The J’ville mall right next door to the station is due to be supersized before too long so there may be a spin off for the line.


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