Check Out Queens Wharf Yourself


On Anzac Day, Queens Wharf will be open to the public for a few hours - and I urge you to check it out.

You need to experience the amazing potential of the place for yourself and discover how criminal it is that the public is missing out on one of the most potentially pleasant CBD summer experiences of soaking up Auckland Harbour views from it.

Much debate is going on about whether to save the 95-year old cargo sheds.

Why would we want to save this for ever?

Much as I’m big on protecting Auckland’s fast disappearing heritage, I can’t buy this debate to save them because they are important relics, even though they’re ugly.

Damn right, they’re ugly and decaying and take up a lot of room on the wharf which prevents us doing anything else.

We shouldn’t have to work around them.

Demolish them and let’s start anew.

Even open space for a while would be better.

Anyway, go and see this rare opportunity. I did last time the wharf was open -and it’s an eyeopener.

The red gates open on Sunday between 1pm and 5pm.




  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    I’ve worked on that wharf before… Just big, smelly, diesel fumes full, ugly sheds as far as I’m concerned - off with their heads…

  2. max says:

    I think one of the two sheds should be kept. No, they aren’t too pretty at the moment, but open them up with roof windows and big sliding doors on the sides, and they could be awesome spaces for something like a public market.

    At least they have some character, because they weren’t built by architects who think glass and chrome and 90-degree angles are good for your soul. We’ll get another cubism-thing there, I tell you.

  3. jarbury says:

    I thought John Roughan’s article in the weekend herald summed up the situation quite well:

  4. Jeremy Harris says:

    Jarbury are you become a closet Roughan fan..?

  5. jarbury says:

    Apart from his hatred of public transport and his love of urban sprawl….. sometimes he says stuff that makes sense.


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