Drivers Caught Drunk, Carrying Baby


Police are shocked to find motorists found driving on Auckland motorways with high blood alcohol levels were carrying young kids in the car.

A female driver was stopped on Friday night at 9.30pm hours at a Southern Motorway off-ramp.

This driver had a four-month-old baby, another aged seven months old, and a five –year- old child in the vehicle. She returned an alcohol level of 584 mg/l.

Then, on Saturday night, a male driver stopped on the North Western Motorway on-ramp had both a ten year old boy and an 11- year- old boy in the vehicle.

He returned an EBA of 639 mg/l.

Cops shocked at results of weekend drink driving blitz

Inspector Dave Walker, the Auckland Motorways Commander, says in recent weeks, there’s been tragic results when children in vehicles were not restrained or inadequately restrained when involved in accidents.

“We have seen a lack of due care by some adults in the vehicles to ensure the safety of those children.

“The two drivers caught during this operation are showing a blatant disregard to their children by driving over the legal breath alcohol limit, while the children are in the vehicle with them.”

A weekend Police operation targeting alcohol impaired drivers on Auckland Motorways  resulted in 44 people detected driving with excess breath alcohol.





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