Snapper’s Next Growth Stage


The Snapper card’s annual report says Snapper is entering its next stage of growth and the deployment of the card into Auckland “is of critical importance in the 2010/2011 year.”

The card will be available on NZ Bus services in Auckland in the second half of this year.

CEO Miki Szikszai says that Snapper can “execute this challenge on time and on budget, delivering a proven service well before Rugby World Cup 2011.”

He said that the creation of a national standard for integrated ticketing would see Snapper co-existing with other providers in this sector, assuming genuinely open standards are adopted.

“Snapper continues to advocate for customer-led, open standards in these fora.  This market is changing rapidly.

“Globally, the larger closed schemes, such as Oyster in London, are now opening up to accept other forms of payment such as contactless credit cards. Snapper is well placed to take advantage of this trend as customers seek more convenience and integration with other smart devices.”

Roll on open integrated ticketing

Snapper lists as highlights in the last 12 months:

  • Issued Snapper cards increased from 59,000 to 120,000 in the year March 31 2009
  • Snapper has processed 15 million transactions in the 12 months since March 31 2009. Comparatively, Snapper processed 5 million transactions in the prior year
  • Snapper Retailers increased from 105 retailers at March 31 2009 to 200

Snapper can be used for payment in 1000 Wellington taxis from May.

Snapper, with partners Eyede and Taxicharge, has also won a tender to provide integrated Total Mobility services for Greater Wellington Regional Council, due for launch mid-year, 4,500 cards, with NZ’s first Braille identification, have been issued in advance of the system going live.




  1. Joshua says:

    If snapper were smart they would look to also get on board petrol stations, parking meters/buildings and trains so they can cover all transport modes and become a true intergrated transport card.

  2. Jeremy Harris says:

    If Snapper wants PT use to rapidly increase as integrated ticketing is introduced they should push ARTA/AT for a zonal based fare system and push for Infratil to drop their PTMA amendments which over the long term will mean PT patronage does not rise much above todays levels… The PTMA amendments are good for Infratil as the subsidy gravy train continues but bad for Snapper as it will be hard for them to grow business (at least on PT)…

  3. @Joshua

    Snapper has developed an integrated building access/photo ID/Snapper card. We use it today in our own building, as do the 2 other tenants at 33 Cuba Street, Wellington. Check out the details on the Snapper blog.

    Snapper is available in some petrol stations in Wellington today, and we just signed up three more last Friday.

    You can expect to see a Snapper parking meter trial later in the year.

    As for trains, if we can squeeze in a pilot amongst all the other developments and our Auckland launch this year, then we will.

    Gabor Szikszai
    Head of Sales and Marketing

  4. max says:

    Would sound all a bit more believable if these guys hadn’t spent everything on attempting to hamstring their competitors AFTER Thales had won.

    It is pretty cynical to now beat the drum of open standards and customer-driven initiatives when they have spent years on being just that. Not.

  5. joust says:

    I hope we end up with a pretty good open standard, as it’d open the way for future development of mobile applications similar to Osaifu-Keitai in Japan:

    Unfortunately that might be some time away.

  6. Matt L says:

    I don’t see how Snapper will really compete once contactless credit cards become the norm if open standards are used.

  7. NZ TAXI BLOG says:

    [...] [...]

  8. cash in a dash says:

    snapper soon to be availble in wellngton combined taxis


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