Video: Train Never Has To Stop


Check out this video of a Chinese concept. This bullet train wouldn’t actually stop at any of the 30 stations on the route.

Passengers waiting to board embark onto to a connector cabin way before the train arrives.

The train slows down to pick up the connector cabin which will move with the train on the roof of the train.

As the train passes the station, the passengers board the train from the connector cabin mounted on the train’s roof. After fully unloading all its passengers, the cabin connector cabin will be moved to the back of the train so that the next batch of outgoing passengers who want to alight at the next station will board the connector cabin at the rear of the train roof.




  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    Ummm, HSR from China to England, 12,000km of new HSR in China, now this…

    What is China on..?

  2. ingolfson says:

    Interesting idea. Though I wonder whether with a really long-distance train, the gains would be worth it. This is actually more interesting for a short-distance-type commuter train.

  3. luke says:

    i see your point about short distance trains but i think with this concept it would not really work. that’s because the changeovers would be too rapid on short distance trains and people might miss their stops

  4. Carl says:

    all i can say is, this kinda stuff, will never be anything more than a dream in this stupid country.

    in a few short years time, you’ll be able to travel from Bejing to London in under 3 days, yet we can’t even get from hamilton to auckland or reverse.

    sooooooooo fn stupid!

  5. Not entirely wheelchair friendly, unless they put in lots of little lifts. Also probably makes it harder to move house using public transport.


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