Latest Photos: New Lynn Trench


Work on finishing the new New Lynn train station, rail trench and second track is a month ahead of schedule.

Work continues underground at New Lynn station

Currently one track is operational in the trench.

The second track and northern side of the platform will open on June 8 after the long Queen’s Birthday weekend, in which trains will stop while rail development is done.

The southern side of the New Lynn rail trench and platform was formally opened on March 1.

At New Lynn at the moment, work is focused on completing the second track in the trench, but other work is continuing overheard.

The other priorities for the workers right now are the northern platform facilities, trench glass screen and traffic barrier (on the northern side) and the roof canopy structure for the station building.




  1. Matt L says:

    Cant wait for it to be done

  2. ingolfson says:

    Really like the decorative side panels, and more impressed by the “upperstructure” than I thought I would be.


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