K Rd Overbridge RWC Upgrade


Karangahape Road’s old 70′s overbridge is getting an upgrade because the Auckland City Council doesn’t think it’s nice enough for RWC tourists to walk over it on their way to Eden Park.

A council committee was asked for $300,000 to help give it a spruce-up in time for the RWC so that it looks like this:

Karangahape Rd bridge post-upgrade | Auckland City

The over-bridge consists of a solid roof cantilevered from a concrete nib wall with glass inserts allowing views to the north and south.

The  council committee was told that it’s “reaching the end of its useful life and is looking neglected and shabby.”

The money helps the replacement of the existing structures on the northern side of the over-bridge, including the bus shelters, with “structures that have a higher design quality and create a more fitting gateway to the CBD. ”

Stage one will also ensure the southern side of the bridge is cleaned and tidied by the RWC in preparation for stage two. The Karangahape Road over-bridge was not included in the recent streetscape upgrades as it falls just outside the CBD area.

This is part of another $1.6m needed for projects from council funds for the RWC.
Others are:

  • An allocation of $120,000 for a city countdown clock, situated within a waterfront location as part of the ‘one year to go’ celebrations on 9 September highlighting Auckland’s preparations

    $120,000 RWC countdown clock |Auckland City

  • $670,000 for campervans to be able to park at Westhaven Marina  to”enhance the experience that campervan users have during Rugby World Cup 2011 and minimise disruption in the CBD.”
  • $220,000 for  four interactive electronic signage units -:a proven technology that will provide a key visitor communication and wayfinding service during the RWC.”
  • $344,000 for the procurement of 130 stand-alone banner poles.




  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    Regular replacement of infrastructure is what seperates the first world from the third world…

  2. rtc says:

    Great, that bridge really is a dump and looks grotty and poorly maintained, so it’s excellent that it’ll be getting a bit of TLC. It’s also a relatively busy bus stop so should help with that aspect.

  3. Nick R says:

    About time this bridge had a tidy up, but I’m not sure quite how many tourists are going to be walking along it to Eden Park. What about the rest of Great North Rd or Newton Rd, hardly a pleasant walking environment.

    …and where will the drug addicts and tranny hookers hang out while their new clubhouse is being built? I hope they have a good impact management plan in place ;)

  4. ingolfson says:

    “Regular replacement of infrastructure is what seperates the first world from the third world…”

    Under that logic, neither the US or Germany belongs in the First World. Lets not get too cynical - there’s always something crumbling away somewhere…

    But yeah, good that they do something here, it is a pretty ugly place at the moment. Now I hope the reality ends up looking better than that archictects concept…

  5. Johans says:

    I would of liked having wind breaks for the bus stop area. The place is like a wind tunnel during winter.

  6. James Pole says:

    As part of the upgrade, they should merge all the city-bound stops onto the bridge. Currently there is an odd situation where some services (the Link and 01- 02- 03- 04- services IIRC) stop on the bridge and other services (05- through to 19-) stop somewhere down the road.

    Very annoying for people who just want to go down the hill!

  7. jarbury says:

    Good to see an upgrade here - sorely needed I agree.

    My word one can justify almost anything at the moment with the words “….for the Rugby World Cup” attached on the end.

  8. rtc says:

    Which council committee was this project described in?

  9. rtc says:

    Thanks Jon!


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