Reader’s Photos: SH18 Hobsonville


Reader Marwan Juma has taken some photos of the latest work on NZTA’s Hobsonville motorway project. Thanks Marwan.

The Hobsonville project consists of a 6 kilometre, 4-lane SH18 motorway from the end of the Northwestern Motorway at Hobsonville Road to the western end of Upper Harbour Bridge in Hobsonville; and a 3 kilometre, 2-lane extension of the SH16 Northwestern Motorway from Hobsonville Road to Brigham Creek Road in Whenuapai.




  1. ingolfson says:

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record for harping on about the same thing: This project once had an off-road cycleway that was to be part of the works.

    Not it has some plans that Waitakere may eventually put some wide bus lanes (so awesome for cyclists!) along Hobsonville Road sometime in the future. Pretty epic fail for alternative travel options.

  2. Richard says:

    During the initial work at Brigham’s Creek Road the road was one way with a detour via Trig Road (Christmas to April). The fact this road had a relatively high cyclist use was obviously overlooked. The detour was four kilometres long and added a long drag of a hill plus the hazard of extra vehicles driven by frustrated drivers which wasn’t a pretty mix.

    The other alternative was to use the pedestrian detour on the one way stretch. The path was diabolical , a real cyclo cross course necessitating dismounting. In places the “path” was so bad walkers could easily twist an ankle badly……no lights at night either.

    This situation was disgusting and existed for nearly three months as I recall, the road opening a week ago. Hopefully through the efforts of Cycle Advocates this will not happen again.

    I wont hold my breath, work is now under way by the Brighams/Highway 16 junction.


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