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August - September is now being given as the likely date for the opening of the Onehunga train line.

But at least there is now an achievable date - and clear signs things are happening.

Remember a month ago, the never-changing site of the new station at the end of the Onehunga Mall?

Well, take a look now!

You can even see One Tree Hill in the distance now!

And workers are today busy demolishing other areas of the site:




  1. Andrew C says:

    Yes, finally. It’s going to be great when soon we’ll be able to get to dressmart , sylvia park, Newmarket, lynmall, town, and manukau all by train. Pity the manukau link has no southern access as I’m sure manurewa and homai would have been big users. Dressmarts parking is rediculous so having the train in walking distance is great.

  2. Matt L says:

    Good to see progress finally happening

  3. Geoff says:

    The buildings have been bought by KiwiRail apparently, and they will be reconstructed at Te Rapa for rail purposes.

  4. urbanlocal says:

    Any site plans for the station floating around that anyone knows of?

  5. ingolfson says:

    urbanlocal - yes, but not publicly. What I have seen two months ago shows a single side platform on a mini-spur, with walking access from north and west.

    Nothing fancy, nothing costly (and not usable for any future further rail links) but good enough initially.


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