Christchurch Discovers Bus Lanes


Christchurch gets two more bus lanes from tomorrow- but the locals are still having to be educated about the novelty of them and how other vehicles can’t use them.

Christchurch City Council’s Christian Anderson says “generally people have been adapting well” but to help get the message home  a comprehensive advertising campaign has been launched including, for the first time,  billboards will be towed on trailers up and down the bus priority routes.

“What we really want is people to stick to the rules, and help us to get the lanes working properly, and improving the flow of the public transport. However if people do breach the rules they can end up with a penalty. “

As in Papanui Road, people are required to stay out of the bus lanes during their operational hours, unless turning. If you are using the bus lanes during the operation hours to turn, then the manoeuvre must take less then 50 metres. Anyone who breaches the bus priority rules could be fined $150 for driving in a bus lane or be fined $60 and have their car towed if they park in a bus lanes during operational hours.

The two more bus priority routes means the first sections of both the Queenspark and Colombo Street bus routes now complete.

The Colombo Street section from Cashmere Road to Tennyson Street, and the Queenspark bus route from the intersection of Cambridge Terrace and Fitzgerald Avenue to the intersection of Hills Road and Shirley Road will both start operating from Tuesday April 27.The remainder of both bus priority routes are expected to be completed and open by mid May. The Colombo Street bus priority route travels from Moorhouse Avenue to Cashmere Road. The Queenspark bus priority route travels down Hills Road from Bealey Avenue up to Bassett Street.




  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    I’m a bit confused is this their first bus lanes..?

  2. anthony says:

    I was in CHCH on Friday, and seen a few cars using those lanes. they still have a lot to learn!

  3. Jeremy Harris says:

    Ah, thanks Jon, so bus lanes two and three…

  4. JSH says:

    Unfortunately, it seems like further planned bus lanes will be delayed due to cuts in government funding.


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