Where Electric Trains Sleep


Auckland’s new electric trains will have a new bedroom.

Trains presently are parked at Westfield on the Southern Line - but a stabling yard will open mid-May in Railside Ave/Bruce McLaren Rd in Henderson.

The new stabling yard being built at Henderson

Being on the Western Line, the yard cold also mean trains arrive faster there when one breaks down.

The corridor section of the  new stabling yard at Henderson is completed and the rest of the construction of the site is on track.

Discussions have been held between ARTA, KiwiRail and ONTRACK on a downtown stabling yard for Tamaki Drive/The Strand. The next steps are to get formal agreement and progress detail design.

As discussed recently, consideration is also being given for improvements to the old Strand Station.

So how does the Strand look today?

How the Strand platform looks today

The Strand was formerly Auckland’s main railway station before the new Britomart.

The area is presently used for short-term parking, near the Vector Arena.

This tidy up would be so the Strand could be used as back up for Britomart during the RWC or emergencies but ARTA says that such improvements would be subject to funding being found.

The present Westfield yard




  1. Hey they look nice. I thing would be cool to keep our central station for National rail traveling.

  2. Jeremy Harris says:

    They stable a couple out at Papakura to… It’ll be interesting to see what happens regarding the new EMUs, it will be great if they get indoor stabling and a new depot…

  3. Geoff says:

    A new depot/workshop will be built for the EMU’s, but I’m not sure where it’s going. Presumably Otahuhu or north end of Westfield. It’s supposed to be built during 2012.


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