Rodney’s Hill St Blues


Rodney district council has been complaining to NZTA about delays to the $30 million Warkworth intersection upgrade project.

NZTA has now advised the council it will be consider calling for tenders for the Hill Street interchange.

This would include the upgrade to Hill Street intersection and the signalisation of Elizabeth Street which the transport agency says would be the most challenging of all the upgrades.

It says the retendering would not delay the start of the upgrade which is scheduled for October subject to consents being granted.

Rodney Mayor Penny Webster, who invited the NZTA to the council’s infrastructure committee and has been publically critical of the lack of progress on the project, says she is delighted with the tendering announcement.

She says the option to retender the project, which she had been asking for, had already been recognised by the agency by the agency and a fresh look may be needed ahead of the vastly more complex Hill Street upgrade.

“I think we are getting somewhere now. There is no doubt that this is a massive undertaking and it’ll be even more destabilising as we get into Hill Street. “

But we are now seeing some progress and, clearly, we as a community are being listened to,” she says.




  1. Matt L says:

    Why are we spending this much money on this upgrading this intersection if we are about to bypass the town?


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