Video: Yes Men Protest


Three well-dressed people, claiming to be pro-mining, clashed with some of the thousands of anti-mining protesters when they marched up Queen St today to protest the government’s mining plans.

Only a few protesters acted suspicious of the stereotype-dressed “pro mining representatives” as they turned their anger on them.

But they probably missed overhearing one of their quips after TV crew swarmed on them without questioning their credentials.

One of the men turned to another and said: “I promised you we’ll get on TV.”

People seem to forget there has been a Comedy festival in Auckland.

Anyway, the suit people standing at the side of Queen St as the march progressed proved some light relief as the protesters took them seriously and hurled abuse at them:

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  1. max says:

    Lovely parody. Though it doesn’t speak well for the common sense of the few protesters who seemed to get real pissed off at this.

  2. Sarah says:

    I’m with Max. I was at the protest, had a laugh when I saw these guys, then just felt horribly embarrassed by the people who thought they were serious.

  3. Su Yin Khoo says:

    Haha, that’s genius!

  4. Grace Bassett says:

    Wow. Go the Yes Men - they live again! These guys are very brave (or stupid?) to put themselves in the firing line here! Maybe they’re just very kind and thoughtful in presenting a govt/corporate face for protestors to vent their spleens towards - all that emotion - and no govt to direct it at. Hope Gerry was watching and feeling grateful too- saved him soiling a good suit!

  5. hine says:

    brilliant way to show the government what they look like, a shame it was lost on a few of the protesters… i hope they feel suitably embarrassed/stupid for abusing them when they realise it was satire :)

  6. Josh says:

    I must admit I did find myself wondering about these guys as we walked past. It’s not unusual to have opposing groups on the sideline like this but the dodgey suits definitely gave the game away. The woman was very convincingly styled. Well done everyone who turned up.

  7. Ian says:

    Really great to see the turnout.

  8. Jeremy Harris says:

    I had a big hiss, thought it was just part of the fun of the joke..!

  9. yasmin says:

    As always your antics were hilarious! Keep up the great work :) Yet again you made the news whilst evoking much laughter.

  10. beth pfeffer says:

    haha im so dissapointed i didnt see these people whould have been a great laught i bet! nice work guys that was such a great day! hope we have anothe one soon!!!


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