Ship Leak Worry Led To Fatal Accident


Police say tonight’s fatal accident on a Panamanian- registered logging ship at Marsden Point happened when one crew member entered a hatch deep in the vessel to check for a possible leak.

Once inside the hatch he has got into difficulty resulting in a second crew member to entered the same hatch to rescue him.

The second crewman has also got into difficulty resulting in a  third crewman going down the same hatch.

A fourth and fifth crewman have entered a hatch on the boat to rescue the crewman.  They have used breathing apparatus to rescue the three crewman.

There they have discovered two crewman deceased and the third crewman in a critical condition.

The nationality of the two deceased crewman are Korean and Burmese.  Next of kin have yet to be notified.

The third male crewman has been transported to Whangarei Base Hospital where his condition is no longer termed critical; but as stable.

Maritime New Zealand are carrying out an investigation in relation to this incident.  Police will carry out their enquiries as required under the Coroners Act 2006.  This will involve speaking to various crewman who where on the ship when this incident occurred, carrying out a detailed scene examination and also assisting Maritime New Zealand in their investigation; if required.





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