Cows Create SH1 Chaos


UPDATE: NZTA has re-opened State Highway One north of Puhoi after the crash involving a truck and trailer carrying cattle.
Both lanes of the highway were blocked when the southbound vehicle rolled at around 6.30 this morning.

; SH1, including the Northern Gateway Toll Road, is closed after a truck and trailer carrying cattle rolled near Puhoi this morning.

The NZTA is diverting northbound traffic on to State Highway 16 from the Silverdale interchange on SH1, and southbound traffic is being diverted to SH16 at Warkworth.

The NZTA’s State Highways Manager for Auckland, Tommy Parker, says everything is being done to clear the road quickly and re-open to traffic.

“The truck and trailer are blocking both lanes of the highway, and cattle are wandering on the road,” Mr Parker said.  “

We will not be re-opening SH1 until we are certain it is absolutely safe for people to use again.”  Mr Parker urged drivers to use SH16 with care because it will be carrying a lot more traffic than normal while traffic is being diverted from SH1.





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