Manners Mall Buses Set To Return


Work is starting on turning Wellington’s Manners Mall into a bus route now the legal challenges are cleared.

Road safety work associated with the project begins next week at the intersection of Courtenay Place and Taranaki Street.

Kerbs are being extended to provide more waiting space to cross the road, and the central islands removed. The council names this the city’s most hazardous intersection and hopes the changes will make it safer.

The council is also realigning the footpath at the end of Te Aro Park as part of the creation of the new bus route.

Buses presently skirt around Manners Mall

Work in Manners Mall itself starts next month and will take several months. It will be done in stages – but the public willl still be able to walk through and access shops.

The council says the improvements planned to give pedestrians priority in lower Cuba Street will happen next year once the new route is operation. Making lower Cuba St a shared space was a compromise to help get over objections to the Manners Mall plan.





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