Plan For Mt Albert Station


Today we got a look at future plans for Mt Albert.

It includes a transport interchange involving the train station and buses on the busy New North Rd.

But don’t hold your breath. That interchange won’t happen for at least 10 years and in fact there are 2 dates given - by 2030 and 2050!

The only way to speed things are - and that’s needed to happen - is for public pressure.

At least there is talk of moves to start towards the goal, including improving the dreadful train station and making it more the focal point for the village but again it won’t happen quickly.

Today, the Auckland City Council is holding its first open day for locals to discuss its so-called Precinct Plan for the whole township and it was pleasing to find transport was a key part.

That plan will go to the new Auckland Supercouncil after public submissions have had a say and let’s hope the new council is sympathetic and encouraged to move faster.

Mt Albert village has heritage buildings,Asian shops and missed opportunities

The rail station is detached from the township, and access is only down Carrington Rd.

The future development proposals around the shopping area and rail station sees the New North and Carrington Rd corner site providing access to the train station and being part of an eventual transport interchange.

Presently that site has a Video Ezy and carpark which has a large rubbish skip and kebab stall.

Over the fence is the train station with no pedestrian access from here

The plan talks of options for building over the rail line (via an air space lease) be “fully considered.”

The idea being talked about is a podium being built in that carpark and lift shafts to take people down to the station.

The Carrington Rd access would remain but be made easier to get to the station than the present long footbridge to the platform.

Access to the Mt Albert train station is down Carrington Rd over a footbridge

The bus stop is almost outside Video Ezy on New North Rd and would probably remain there but be swept up a bit.

An ex-supermarket now video store hides access and view of the train station

The plan is for the station to be accessed from there.

This is the illustration on display showing what the carpark at Video Ezy would then look like with a train entranceway:

On display the train station entrance by 20XX?

But remember this talks of something being done in the next 20 or maybe 40 years. By then goodness knows what cars will left be on the road.

The draft plan agrees that an upgrade of the rail station has to be done in time for electrification. Yesterday I reported the platform extension has begun. But no more improvements are scheduled before the RWC 2011.

And the station is all wired for electrification so really it’s a case of just improving it. Sadly the money ran out and was spent elsewhere in places like New Lynn.

There is talk in the plan of the things we have come to expect at modern train stations being done as part of the improvements:

  • better pedestrian access to the station
  • better lighting and safety measures such as CCTV
  • cycle facilities / racks at the station
  • working with Ontrack / KiwiRail and other relevant stakeholders to evaluate the feasibility of cycle facilities along the Western rail line

But again this may be in the next five years. Or not.

It’s a credible approach for the council to take a wider view, ensuring that any improvements made in the short- term will tie in with the long- term aspirations for a more integrated development.

That being the train station to be part of an upgraded Mt Albert transport interchange, incorporating rail and bus through the creation of a transit interchange square, supported by integration with adjacent land uses and site redevelopment opportunities.

New North Rd is a busy bus route and one that will be getting the new 15 minute bus service at some stage soon.
It’s a route especially used by many Unitec students and those going to AUT and Auckland University.

But waiting decades for significant improvements to one of Auckland’s key inner city train stations is ridiculous.

Today’s open day is until 8pm at the Taylor Room in the Mt Albert Rec centre in New North Rd. On Saturday, there is the last open day at the senior citizens hall, part of that Rocket Park complex corner New North and Wairere Ave. It’s on between 10am and 1pm.

You can read a summary of the draft plan here (PDF)

You can tell the council when you would like this to happen by giving feedback until May 21 here




  1. ingolfson says:

    The first thing they should do is to rebuild the southern pedestrian access to New North Road as an overpass - at the moment you first have to go DOWN, then back UP to platform level and then UP again to street level. Why go through that hassle if all you would have to do is go UP once to road level and then over. Safer and nicer too than an underpass.