Tepid Baths Update


The $12.66 million makeover for Auckland’s downtown Tepid Baths is being fast tracked, with construction expected to begin before October 1.

The facility closed on April 18 , and since then investigations to determine the feasibility of temporarily reopening the pool during the design and consenting phase for the full repair have taken place.

The council says that engineers have advised that a temporary reopening is achievable, however the works would not deliver lasting benefits and will result in an operating loss of approximately $50,000 per month.

Council officers have now determined that the full repair project can be accelerated, with the planning and consenting phase reduced to allow a contract to be awarded and the redevelopment work to start before October 1.

Chairperson of the Arts, Culture and Recreation Committee, Councillor Greg Moyle, says in light of the new timeframes for the full repair, the pool will remain closed until the upgrade is complete.

“The council is committed to retaining the Tepid Baths. While we have found it is possible to reopen the facility in the short term, beginning the full repair in October is the most sensible option.

“It gives everyone certainty that this essential project will completed properly, rather than potentially being deferred by the new Auckland Council.”

A concept design will be developed and considered by councillors in June for approval to go to tender. It is likely that public feedback into the design will take place in tandem with the tender process in June.

The $12.66 million project will address the facility’s structural issues and give the building, pools, fitness centre and changing rooms an overall upgrade.

This means Tepid Baths will reopen in early 2012.




  1. ingolfson says:

    Sounds good. The Tepid are lovely baths that have been left to go real grotty. Using their changing rooms and toilets was an exercise in supressing your disgust, at times. Not having the roof cave in on you would be good too.

    But they will be great again, once overhauled! Too bad I now live even further away.


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