Rotorua Arterial $1.3m Contract


A $1.3m contract for the detailed investigation into the Rotorua Eastern Arterial has been awarded today by NZTA to Opus International Consultants.

NZTA says the arterial is designed to improve the freight route between the forestry and dairy regions of Rotorua/Taupo and the Port of Tauranga, as well as the access to Rotorua International Airport.

The 15 month investigation will update and develop more detailed options for the route, consult with interested people on those options, and seek the relevant designations to prepare the project for future phases,.

Rotorua Mayor Kevin Winters says the Rotorua Eastern Arterial is an important project for the city.

“37,500 vehicles per day currently travel along State Highway 30 (Te Ngae Road). By 2017 this is predicted to be up to 47,100. As well as opening up access to developments planned along the eastern edge of the lake, the Rotorua Eastern Arterial will remove up to 20,000 vehicles per day from the current highway, contributing to a safer and less congested community for residents and local businesses.”

The investigation stage will be completed by August 2011 in time to be considered for the 2012 National Land Transport Programme, where funding for the design and construction phases will be prioritised.




  1. rtc says:

    How about looking and improving the rail freight routes around this area?

  2. ingolfson says:

    Ah, rtc, they won’t be able to compete financially once the new roads are in, so why bother.

  3. Geoff says:

    It’s extraordinary how many major roading projects are being pursued for the purposes of freight cartage. Billions of public dollars being poured into growing the trucking industry.

  4. DanC says:

    It’s so dumb spending more money on roads for trucks? Rail it!

  5. Steve W says:

    This road down the Eastern side of the lake could have possibly had a railway if different proposals had been adopted, as there have been a few proposals for railway lines to run through Rotorua to Taupo from from the Bay. I understand that surveys have been done several times. I can’t see any railway line being allowed on that side of the lake now or anywhere near the tourist areas that dominate the State Highway exit from Rotorua.

    The existing “Mothballed” line Putaruru to Rotorua, (Fortunately for the government), is largely out of sight from the general public so there is a lot less political pressure.

    With some of the material having been stolen over the last few years and the line itself being built on unstable country it would be by no means an easy job to reopen.

    The great tragedy is that the public let the last few kms of the line, which went into the city, be pulled up and the land sold.

  6. Neal says:

    I agree with the previous responses on the mothballed Rotorua line. Another short sighted decision to close and even sell off rail land near the inner city. Imagine the tourism opportunities that have been missed. Now it’s up to the local rail enthusiasts to bring life back to the line and continuously apply for local council and tourism funding which to date has been continuously declined.


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