Wairau Bridge Moves Forward


Plans for a pedestrian bridge across the Wairau Stream in Milford are a step closer to become reality.

The ARC says the resource consent application for the bridge has been accepted and later will seek public consultation.

The new bridge would span 40 metres across the Wairau Stream and will enable residents easier access between Milford Reserve and Inga and Beach Roads.  The unusual thing about it is that it would be linked electronically to the tides, with a nine- metre lifting span in the middle.

Wairau bridge concept design |North Shore City

On low tide the bridge is down giving pedestrians access for about six hours and up during high tide for boat access to the marina.

North Shore city councillor Kevin Schwass who convened the project’s working party says it cleverly balances the needs of the local community and the use of the marina.

North Shore City Council’s Community Services and Parks Committee has been working on the project since 2004 and involved in the working party have been representatives of the Milford Residents Association, Takapuna Community Board, Milford Mariners, Milford Cruising Club,  Castor Bay Residents and Ratepayers Association and North Shore City Council staff.

The Auckland Regional Council has asked for further information surrounding the application, before it will undergo processing, including going out for public consultation on bridge plans.





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