Videos: Kingsland RWC Upgrade


Eden Park is also getting ready

Kingsland train station’s platform extension work is becoming more obvious now and so it should.

There are now two months before it’s expected thousands will descend on the extended platforms and underpass to try it out as a test run for the RWC 2011 crowds descending on Eden Park.

The Kingsland station has got an underpass for overflow crowds and is having its platforms extended.

The Tri Nations game at Eden Park in July will be the test run.

Here are videos taken today showing how the work is going:

This is the underpass:




  1. Kurt says:

    Is this upgrade going to see more shelters and seating? Kingsland is a busy station at times and there are lengthy platforms but when it was originally designed and built someone forgot about waiting passengers!

  2. Jon C says:

    @Kurt Good point

  3. joust says:

    if only the trains were more frequent and stations were used to catch them rather than wait for them! Wouldn’t need many seats then.

  4. ingolfson says:

    Frequencies WILL be going up. But not overnight, sadly.


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