Book Airport Parking Online


A good idea from Auckland Airport.

Car parking there has now become more competitive with more options - but when you arrive it’s rather confusing deciding what to pick.

So it’s introducing a pre-departure online payment system where you can select and guarantee your park.

Good stuff, Auckland Airport.

Go to the site , enter travel dates and times on a quick quote calculator and you get a range of options.

After choosing your preferred option, you pay using a credit card. . An email confirmation confirms details and the parking spot is guaranteed.

On arrival at the car park, the customer can use their credit card to enter or exit the car park.

“It’s a very easy and seamless process,” Auckland Airport general manager retail and commercial, Adrian Littlewood says.

Auckland Airport spots can now be booked online

Deals are being offered for the launch of the new service include up to 50 percent saving on drive up rates. For example, a customer could park right at the terminal for $49 for seven days or $39 for the whole weekend, depending on availability at time of booking.

“Auckland Airport’s best prices will always be online, so the airport website is always worth a look before travelling, you never know what great parking deal you could pick up”, said Mr Littlewood.




  1. ingolfson says:

    Where on the website can I reserve my rail ticket to the airport?

    I am not impressed by the airport making it easier to use my car to drive there when we all know that car parks are a major earner for them.

  2. Jon C says:

    @ingolfson To be fair to them, Auckland Airport company back in December demanded that plans for a Rapid Transit Network link to the Airport, whether rail or some intermediate step, should be accelerated and ideally put in place prior to 2020 which was the date the ARC had been talking about.
    And Auckland Airport called public transport connections to the Airport currently “weak by international comparisons and as a consequence patronage is low.”
    It used to jealously safeguard its carparking revenue but now has been very supportive of a rail link because it realises that’s also good for its business.
    One of the turnaround success stories of 2009.

  3. rtc says:

    This is also a situation where Auckland’s minimum rather than maximum parking requirements are coming back to bite us in the ass. If AIAL could be forced to cap its carparks and even start reducing the number we would hopefully see a bigger push to provide decent PT out there.


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