Kingsland Crossing Coming


The next stage of work around Eden Park for the RWC 2011 starts on Monday.

It’s work to upgrade Sandringham Road to “improve public transport and traffic flow within the area, and pedestrian and vehicle safety.”

The best news will be the installation of new street lights, and then adding new crossings for vehicles and pedestrians - including a much needed one neat Walters Rd that will help those coming off trains at the Kingsland station and trying to cross a busy Sandringham Rd.

Crossing Sandringham Rd from Kingsland station is highly dangerous

On Monday, the contractors Fulton Hogan will start their project preparation work by removing and pruning trees along Sandringham Road and the next day will go on to dig trenches for utilities from around 2 June 2010.

Work starts on the eastern side of Sandringham Road.

Work is expected to be completed by mid-October.

This follows months of work beginning the job of widening footpaths, relocating house boundaries opposite the Kingsaldn railway station, widening the Sandringham and Walters Rd corner and building of ‘Swamp Lane”  the controversial path/roadway near Kowhai intermediate school to give rugby patrons more direct access to the park.

Bus Shelter opposite Kingsland station on Sandringham Rd being moved back

Stages of this project involve:

  • Relocating utilities (such as power and telecommunications cables)
  • Improving stormwater drainage
  • Laying new kerbstones
  • Resurfacing footpaths

Work around Sandringham Rd never seems to end!

The Stage 2 of the Kingsland train platform extensions continues.

Work on extending the Kingsland platforms is now at the final stage 2

Piling has commenced and it will be completed in a month’s time by 30 June.





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