Tamaki Dr Changes Start


Finally, after all that debate about cyclists versus cars along Tamaki Drive, agreed changes are about to happen.
Work starts next week on safety changes along the waterfront and will be finished about eight weeks later.
There have been two last minute changes to the plans:

  • There will be a city-bound morning clearway (no parking)and an east-bound evening clearway. The evening clearway will now begin at the first street light east of Kohimarama Yacht Club.
  • Due to insufficient lane width, the proposal to widen the existing on-street parking for wide boat trailers has been considered to be not feasible and has been dropped

Cars, cyclists, runners all need to live in harmony along Tamaki Drive

The agreed plan concentrates on four areas of Tamaki Drive: Solent Street to Ngapipi Road, Kelly Tarltons to Atkin Avenue, Marau Crescent to Kohimarama Road, and Sage Road to Auckland Road.

The changes include:

  • Morning and evening clearways at specific points
  • New city-bound cycle lanes at specific points
  • Anti-skid treatment at known crash locations
  • Ramps from the on-road cycleway to the off-road cycleway in the vicinity of Parnell Baths
  • 3 portable electronic speed indicator signs.

Ngapipi Road to Solent St

  • A weekday morning clearway (city-bound) from Ngapipi Road to the Parnell Baths overbridge
  • A weekday evening clearway (east-bound) from the Parnell Baths overbridge to Ngapipi Road
  • Ramps from the on-road cycleway to the off-road cycleway, east-bound at the Parnell Baths overbridge
  • A Saturday and Sunday morning clearway (east-bound) to support secondary school cycling and recreational cycling from 6am to 9am.

Bastion Point and Orakei Point (Mission Bay to Okahu Bay)

  • A city-bound cycle lane (from Atkin Avenue to Kelly Tarlton) to minimise traffic conflict at pinch points but without losing car parking

Pipimea Point (Kohimarama to Mission Bay)

  • A morning clearway (city-bound), and an evening clearway (east-bound) to help separate different modes of transport and provide greater usable road space
  • A city-bound cycle lane at both Pipimea Point and between Selwyn Avenue and Marau Crescent.

Gower Point (St Heliers to Kohimarama)

  • A city-bound cycle lane across the Auckland Road/Long Drive/Tamaki Drive intersection
  • A morning clearway (city-bound) and an evening clearway (east-bound). (Based on feedback, the afternoon clearway will now begin at the first streetlight, east of the Kohimarama Yacht Club.

Kohimarama Beach

  • Anti-skid surface on the road surface at each of the two zebra crossings.




  1. Matt L says:

    When in the states one thing I saw that I found effective was a simple sign every so often along the road stating to share the road with cyclists. Just a simple thing like that helps to remind people that cyclists have a right to be there.

  2. ingolfson says:

    Matt - I agree partially. But sharing doesn’t work too well if the space is insufficient, as with the existing two-way (!) shared path. This road is one of the busiest for pedestrians AND cyclists in Auckland, so mixing it up isn’t easy.

    Better on-road provision will make a few more of the recreational cyclists willing to go onto the road, I guess. And some tension will be taken out of the sports cyclist/commuter conflict too.


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