Dog Crosses Harbour Bridge!


A small brown dog, described as a terrier, had a lucky escape when it was rescued from rush-hour traffic on the Auckland harbour bridge tonight.

Police received a number of calls from concerned motorists.
It is not known whether the dog is a local resident or came from a vehicle.

It was first seen heading up the bridge from the northern side and made it to the top before evading would be rescuers and heading back down the north bound clip-on lanes.

A motorist stopped and opened a door for the distressed animal and delivered it to police at the harbour bridge base.

Last year cyclists evaded police across the bridge- now it's a dog!

The dog, which does not have a collar but is microchipped, is being cared for by police and is due to be picked up by North Shore animal control.  Enquiries with the owner will be made once the chip has been read.





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